Amateur Radio Station KR5Eo  

      My amateur radio station consist of the equipment listed below.  I operate the HF bands 80 - 10 meters and the

   VHF/UHF bands 6 meters to 1296.

   HF Bands

   The radio I use for 80 - 10 meters is an Elecraft K2/100 which is a high performance 100 watt, kit radio.  I have built

   the kit and most of the accessories available for the K2.  The amplifier is an Alpha 87a, 1500 watt amp with automatic

   tuning.  I use a Force 12 Yagi antenna for 20 - 10 meters and wire antennas for the lower bands. 

   VHF/UHF Bands

   I use the Kenwood TS-2000 which includes 6 meters, 2 meters, 70 centimeters and 1296 mHz.  On 222 mHz I use the

   Elecraft K2 and an Elecraft Transverter.  On 903 I have a Transverter driven by the TS-2000.  The antennas for the

   6 - 432 are M2 yagis and the 903 and 1296 bands use Loop antennas from Downeast Microwave.



Serial # 2720

HF Radio  

This is the kit radio that I built.  This radio out performs many of the radios costing 2 and 3 times what it does.  It is a lot of fun to operate something that you assembled.  It took about 60 hours to finish it and the accessories.  



  HF Amp

 The Alpha 87A is an automatic tuning amplifier that can easily deliver the 1500 watts allowed on the amateur bands.





 This Kenwood delivers a lot of Ham bands in a small package.  It not only covers the VHF/UHF Ham bands but also has all of the HF bands and a general coverage receiver.



TE System


6 Meter Amps

The old Dentron DTR 2000 amp started life as an 8877 tube type amp for the HF bands.  It was converted by KM1H to only 6 meter use.  It puts out about 1300 watts on 6 meters.   The TE 0550G is a solid state amp with an output of about 300 watts



TE System



2 Meter Amps

The Henry 3002 is also built around an 8877 tube and as with all Henry amps it is one rugged piece of equipment.  It also is the heaviest thing I have ever had to bring up the stairs to the second floor.   The TE 1452G is a 300 watt solid state amplifier.

Tower 1 I am space restricted like many other hams that live in our modern sub divisions.  I have 2 towers plus wire antennas for 40 and 80 meters.  Tower 1 is 60 feet tall and holds the HF Yagi, 6 meter and 222 antenna.




Tower 2 Tower 2 is the main VHF/UHF Tower.  It is 45 feet tall with 18 feet of mast.  It hold a pair of 18 element M2's for 2 meters a 432, 903 and a pair of 35 element yagis for 1296.  There is also a 15 foot tower for testing and occasional satellite work.





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Updated 01/07/07